Easter General Vestry Elections 2023

Douglas Union of Parishes

Churchwardens and Glebewardens


Incumbent’s Churchwarden    Shirley Clarke-Swanton

Vestry Churchwarden               Alfred Hosford



Incumbent’s Churchwarden       Edward Gash

Vestry Churchwarden                  Leslie Deane



Incumbent’s Churchwarden       David Kerr

Vestry Churchwarden                 Mark Exshaw


Incumbent’s Glebewarden          Mervyn Hosford

Vestry Glebewarden                     Tom Chambers


Select Vestry – John Kershaw (Hon. Treasurer), Kieran Hogan (Hon. Secretary)

Aoife Bhreatnach, Patricia Bogan, Martin Brennan, Vicky Coomber, Stephen Daunt, Keith Dawson, Janet Dillon, Lisa Lingwood,  Don Trotter, David Perrott

Parochial Nominators 2023 – 2026

Kieran Hogan, Vicky Coomber, John Kershaw, Sidney Bradfield

Diocesan Synod Members 2023– 2026

Vicky Coomber, Kieran Hogan,  , John Kershaw, Janet Dillon, Sidney Bradfield, Lisa Lingwood, Brian McCutcheon

Holy Trinity Church Frankfield

Churchwardens and Glebewarden

Incumbent’s Churchwarden       David Wolfe

Vestry Churchwarden                  John French

Vestry Glebewarden                     John Kingston

Hon. Secretary                                Noel Locke

Hon. Treasurer                               Roger Flack


Diocesan Synod Representatives 2020- 2024 – Sandra Coombes, Peter De Montford

Synod Supplementals: John French, Ivan Coombes

Stewardship Recorder: Ida Lee


Due to its trustee status, all parishioners in Frankfield are permitted to attend meetings of the Select Vestry.

We thank all those who serve the parish in this capacity. Their commitment is appreciated.