Safeguarding Trust

Douglas Union with Frankfield accepts and recognises its responsibilities to develop awareness of the issues which cause children harm and to establish and maintain a safe environment for them.  As a parish community, we are committed to reviewing our policy, procedure and practice at regular intervals. In common with all other parishes, we seek to implement the ‘Safeguarding Trust’ code to the highest possible standards.

Safeguarding Trust: the Church of Ireland Code of Good Practice for Ministry with Children was first published in 1997. The latest version has been published in a new format and can be viewed on the Church of Ireland website.

In our parish the Safeguarding Trust Team responsible for its implementation locally are:

Ven. Adrian Wilkinson (Rector)

Noel Locke

Mrs. Sandra Swanton

Posters showing their photographs as well as their contact details and other relevant information are displayed prominently in all our parish properties. Information about the Safeguarding Trust is also distributed through our Parish Matters newsletter from time to time.

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