Sunday School is an important part of the life of our parish. There are active Sunday School groups in Douglas, Frankfield and Passage West. On certain Sundays, the children leave at a point in the morning service to continue their worship and learning in the adjoining parish hall. While the Sunday School caterers for children who are in primary school, parents of pre-school children are welcome to accompany their children out to Sunday School where a separate ‘creche’ may be provided.

In Sunday School the children generally do activities based on one of the appointed Sunday scripture  readings. They also do crafts, watch DVDs of Bible stories, and colour work sheets.

Occasional one off children’s events are held throughout the year. The ‘alternative Halloween’ and Good Friday events have proved particularly popular. Parents are required to pre-book their children in for these events using the application forms provided through the schools and churches. There may be a nominal charge requested for these days to cover some of the cost of art and craft materials, food and other expenses.