Death and bereavement are sad but inevitable parts of life. As Christians we believe that death is not the end and that all those who turn to Christ will share eternal life with him. The clergy are available at all times to offer pastoral support to those who are facing death or who have just lost a loved one. They can guide you through the process of organising a funeral service. They are also there to provide support in the days, weeks and months after bereavement.

The Rector has written a pastoral leaflet called ‘Preparing for a Funeral’. This is available on request to parishioners. If a loved one has just died, the clergy will bring a copy of it for you to have and consult as you discuss arrangements for the funeral service.

The parish is also responsible for the upkeep and administration of the four churchyards in our parish. Both Blackrock and Marmullane (Passage West) churchyards are closed for new burials. However there is space set aside as a cremation plot where the ashes of loved ones can be buried. The trustees are responsible for the churchyard in Frankfield. Generally graves here are only given to parishioners. There is a very extensive cemetery surrounding St. Luke’s Church in Douglas. Here graves can only be sold in advance to parishioners subject to the approval of the Rector and Churchwardens. There are rules governing who may acquire a grave in this churchyard as well regulations concerning the erection of headstones. A copy of these regulations is available below for your reference.