St Michael’s National School, Blackrock

Church Road, Blackrock.

The school serves the parish of Blackrock. St. Michael`s School is co-educational and was founded in 1866.  A new school building was built in 1961 and the current building was opened in 2011. This parish school is situated beside St. Michael’s Church. The earlier ‘Old Schoolhouse’ can also be seen beside the present school building. This older building is now used for some parish activities as well as for the occasional school event.

St. Michael`s is a small school. The principal (Ms. Alison Quill) is a teaching principal. The classes are a multi-grade – junior infants to second class is the first grade setting. Third class to sixth class is the second setting. The school’s bright modern classrooms are fully equipped with energy saving devices and other technology. The school has three full time teachers as well as other part time staff.

The small school environment is conducive to the promotion of a happy family atmosphere where each child gets a high degree of attention and is valued for their individuality. St. Michael’s seeks to create a well-functioning, stimulating, happy and safe environment, which promotes the dignity and individuality of every pupil, including those with special educational needs, enabling them to reach their full potential.  The school caters for approximately 40 pupils. Every Friday the staff and pupils meet in St. Michael’s Church for a special service or assembly. The parish clergy visit the school each week.

Tel 021 4358140