The Genesis Reading Challenge

Dear parishioners and friends,   One of the best known characters in Genesis is Joseph. You may have first heard the story of his life when you were in school. He first makes an appearance in chapter 37 so don't worry if you are reading a chapter a day and haven't come across him yet. Jacqui's reflection is to whet your appetite! Enjoy watching it on our parish YouTube Channel [...]

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Service for Sunday 25th October

  Dear parishioners and friends,   Please find the attached copy of the text of tomorrow's service for your reference. You might like to  print it off and distribute it to those in your family, or to other parishioners who do not have access to the internet. Tomorrow is being observed as Bible Sunday and so we will be reflecting on the place the scriptures play in our life and [...]

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Encouragement during Level 5 restrictions

        Dear parishioners and friends,   Today we start a 6 week period of Level 5 public health restrictions. I know this is going to be hard for many of you, but it is necessary if we are to suppress the spread of Covid-19 and hopefully look forward to the easing of restrictions in December. Please look out for and keep in touch with each other in [...]

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Service for St Luke’s Day (18th October)

Dear parishioners and friends, The discussion in the media in recent days about the increased infection rates of people with COVID-19 is naturally causing concern to many of you. I don't need to repeat the public health advice, except to remind you that the simple actions of handwashing, wearing face coverings, keeping social distance and reducing social contacts, are the ways in which we will overcome this pandemic. The [...]

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The Genesis Reading Challenge 16th October, 2020

  Dear parishioners and friends,   I hope many of you are enjoying the challenge of reading a chapter of Genesis each day since we launched this idea on 10 October. To encourage you, a short video reflection has just been put up on our parish Youtube Channel. This one is by Blackrock parishioner Dr Tim Jackson. Tim is talking about the opening chapters of Genesis which deal with the theme [...]

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Service for Sunday 11th October, 2020

Dear parishioners and friends,   Today (Saturday 10th) is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is acknowledged and discussed more than ever before. It affects people of all ages. Listening and talking to one another can be really helpful. So today I ask you to lift the phone if you need to talk to someone or if you are doing well, then why not call someone you have not seen for [...]

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Genesis Challenge and Parish Cookbook

Dear parishioners and friends,   We have to come to terms with the fact that for the next few weeks it is likely that our four churches will remain closed for Sunday and mid-week services. But that does not mean that we don't stay connected as a parish community. I have set up two ways that this can be done. The first is the Genesis Reading Challenge. I hope that between [...]

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The Parish and Level 3 Restrictions

  Dear parishioners,   I'm sure many of you watched the news last night and saw the statement by An Taoiseach that as a country we are all to move to level 3 restrictions in the government plan 'Living with Covid-19'. This will be a great disappointment to us all but hardly surprising given the fact that case numbers were increasing across the county and country. Now we must do all in our [...]

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