Dear parishioners and friends,

The discussion in the media in recent days about the increased infection rates of people with COVID-19 is naturally causing concern to many of you. I don’t need to repeat the public health advice, except to remind you that the simple actions of handwashing, wearing face coverings, keeping social distance and reducing social contacts, are the ways in which we will overcome this pandemic. The last of these actions, namely reducing social contacts, is the most challenging. We are social beings and enjoy the company of others. However we can still stay connected to others in a variety of ways.

Tomorrow (18th October) is the day each year when we remember St Luke in our church calendar. Appropriately then the recorded service comes to you from St Luke’s Church and it is a celebration of Holy Communion. St Luke was a doctor, as well as the man who left us two very important books in the New Testament. It is an appropriate day to thank God for the skill of those who work in the medical profession, in whatever capacity. To highlight this, I have asked three of our parishioners to be involved in tomorrow’s service. The Epistle is read by Dr Ann Caird a GP. The prayers are led by Sandra Coombes a Neonatal Nurse at CUMH and Dr Kieran Hogan Consultant Anaesthetist & Intensivist, Mater Hospital, Cork. They are representatives of the many excellent medical staff who are working tirelessly in our hospitals and health service at this very challenging time.

I hope you enjoy this service which will be available on our YouTube Channel from this evening. Remember, as you watch it, you are connected to other parishioners who are doing the same, as well as to some people living overseas who also like to look in on our services. Take comfort from that fact and that you share the same faith and hope as they do. In this way you are staying connected to the family of the Church, a wonderful thought as we prepare to celebrate the patronal festival of St Luke’s Church tomorrow. 

The link to our Parish YouTube Channel is here:

St Luke’s Day 2020 (1)

You will also find the text of the service in the attached document. If you have family members or parishioners living near you who don’t have the internet, please print off this service and deliver it into their letterbox (obviously visits are not permitted). Such people may be feeling particularly lonely and would value this contact. They can pray this service at home and so will be joining the rest of the parish in this. 

Also a gentle reminder that you can also stay in contact with others in the parish by submitting a recipe for inclusion in our Parish Cookbook. Please do keep them coming. We hope to start to put it together at the end of this month so don’t be late with your submission. It can be sent to 

Yours in Christ,


Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

The Rectory,
Carrigaline Road,


T12 A2RC