Dear parishioners and friends,

It is hard to believe it, but exactly six months ago today,  the very first confirmed case of COVID-19 was detected in Ireland. It has been a long six months and life is now very different for us all. However we have adapted, and things which were unthinkable before, are now natural and normal. 
The same is true in the parish. Our churches reopened safely in early July and services have been happening each week for almost two months. When we resumed public worship, I undertook to keep some video presence online, until the end of August. I have kept to that commitment. However now as we face into September, it will not be possible for me to maintain this alongside everything else. My hope is that we will continue to have at least three and when the Revd Hazel Minion is available, four services each Sunday. I know this is still a slightly reduced schedule, but I think in the circumstances it is the best that we can do. 
I write this to encourage you, if you have not already done so, to come back to church. However I do recognise that this can be a little daunting, and that some parishioners have specific health concerns. To facilitate those who may not wish to attend on Sunday, we will also be having a quiet mid week Holy Communion service in the parish each week. This will be run on a trial basis in September to see if it meets a need, and will alternate between St Luke’s Church and St Michael’s on Wednesday mornings at 11.00. Remember, if you wish, you may receive Holy Communion spiritually however it is good to note that when we have communion on Sundays, the vast majority of people are happy to receive the communion wafer as they depart, in accordance with the current Church of Ireland protocol. 
I also remind you that each Sunday the service from St FIn Barre’s Cathedral can be viewed online through their webcam. It can be easily found on the internet, but I will send you the link to this next week. While we all hope that public worship can continue uninterrupted into the future, if this cannot happen, we will then go back to having recorded service from our churches for you to view.   For now, please enjoy looking at the last of my ‘3 minute thoughts’ which will be available on the parish YouTube channel.
The link to it is here:
The services this Sunday (30th) are as follows:
9.45 Passage
11.15 Douglas
11.30 Blackrock
Please note the 11.30 in Blackrock replaces the 8.30 for once and there will be no service in Frankfield. As I am involved in two separate ordination services in Bandon and St Fin Barre’s tomorrow, I am grateful to the Revd Hazel Minion who will be leading worship in Passage and Blackrock and Mr Michael Kenning, a Diocesan lay reader, who will be in Douglas. 
On Wednesday 2 September, Holy Communion will be celebrated in Douglas at 11.00am.
The services next Sunday 6th September are as follows:
8.30 Blackrock
9.45 Passage
10.00 Frankfield
11.15 Douglas
Please find attached a service sheet as well as the collect and readings for this Sunday.
Take care and God bless,

Archdeacon of Cork, Cloyne and Ross.

The Rectory,
Carrigaline Road,
T12 A2RC